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The Online Journey

It’s been a while…

Hi there, I don’t know that this post would be ever be read. Anyways, I’m posting this to remind myself that I’m kind of neglecting the importance of this blog(and probably if you’re reading this would learn from this experience). It’s part of my self reflection helping me get motivated and get inspired to continue doing what I started and finish the COURSE!

So here we go!

I set goals late 2012 and did I ever reached those goals? It’s 2014 already and that means, I skipped the year 2013 year without doing anything related to my goals(there probably some reason). Did I only focused on getting things done for my job and never set aside time and energy to do something for those goals?

It’s time to face reality. 

Well, I’m asking myself, did I just gotten excited at first facing the challenge from my past failures? Instead of learning from them, did I just quit and go back again to those old habit of spending much time in doing nothing(slumbering)?

The answer is partly YES/NO! I never abandoned my goals and actually, slowly realized that in part of my 2011 “SELF”, I don’t the capability to reach my goals without first doing something within me. Yes! within me. I haven’t visualize and believe that I may able to reach them(I lacked faith and haven’t done much trying). I have fear to handle bigger things. I also realized I lacked, knowledge, wisdom and understanding so to speak.

So 2013 is my BIG decision moment, to which route should I take. I took time studying and mastering WordPress, CSS3, HTML5, PHP, jQuery programming languages and partly RUBY. Also taken time learning how to draw cartoon(still need more to it). Why those? Well, they’re just part of God given WISDOM to me that I’ll be able to use in the future to help me reach my GOALS.

To summarize my “EXCUSES”  – let’s say it.

  1. I do slumber and taken things lightly. – NOT much serious commitment.
  2. I actually, made myself “off” to Social Media and on blogging(lacked of passion).
  3. Changed my COURSE of DIRECTION for BENEFICIAL reason.

The main point is, I’m not giving up. I’m back to my feet to say I’ll continue until those goals are realized.

How about you? How many times did you failed reaching your goals? For me, as long as I realized that I failed, I know that I need self improvement and I should work where I fall short and start over again. I don’t know how you do your “self fix” but would be glad to hear your story.


WordPress for Beginners – Without Spending a Dime!(Part 1)

Here, in this post.. I’m not going to say you’re cheap like me before :-).. it’s just an option if you’re new online and wanted to make some exercises, tests, experiments and start to develop your wordpress skills and even hasten your experience and understanding how things works on the web. What I’m going to do within this post is to teach you where to get a “FREE Domain” and a “FREE Web hosting”.

That means., you’ll never have to spend money setting up your very first wordpress self hosted blog. Take note that, wordpress self-hosted blog are different from FREE blogging platforms such wordpress.com, blogger, typepad and so on.

Anyways.. I’m not talking about a TLD domains. We’ll get some brief overview about that in a few moment., so let’s just get started.


[su_pullquote align="right"][su_note color="#fdffea"]TOP LEVEL DOMAIN(TLD) is liken to a Business Name owned by you while NON TLD domain is liken into a franchised business name.[/su_note][/su_pullquote]First, let’s start with the Free Domain. As I’ve said earlier, I’m not talking about a TLD or what we call a Top Level Domains. So go there at uni.me and register. You can start selecting what uni.me domain you wanted to claim.

Take Note: I am using uni.me to register a free non-TLD domain but we can actually get a non-TLD domains directly from the FREE Web Hosting that we gonna use.

The reason why I’m doing this is to show you the DNS Pointing which I believe you need to know and understand and we’ll tackle about that DNS Pointing on our Free Web Hosting videos.

So watch these Free Domain video series first as I took one at uni.me.

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FREE Web Hosting

Again, there’s no such thing as reliable Free Web Hosting. But for the sake of this tutorial, I will recommend few of those Free Web Host that I think kindah good thing somehow. So the free web hosting companies that I found was 1FreeHosting.com and Heliohost.org. But before we proceed, let me tell you this…most Free Web Hosting have lot of advertisement on their website or even on the Control panel section of your account that they will give you.

If it will annoy or makes you feel inconvenient, then you should understand that this is one of their ways to make money that funds them to pay their expenses and bills to make their Free Offers continued.

There are also limitations of FREE Web Hosting(obviously)., but you can still get those important and most used features that you can find on the paid ones like the Auto Installer script(you’ll know about it in the next videos).

So! Go ahead, let’s just choose one of those free hosting offers and create an account. For me, I’ll be at 1FreeHosting. Watch these video how I did the process.

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Terms and Resources/Tools mentioned on Video above:

  • [su_tooltip tip="A notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy"]Advertisements[/su_tooltip]
  • Paid Web Hosting(Bluehost, Hostgator)

Now that you have your own Free Accounts on both Free Domain and Web Hosting, let’s proceed of the process of how you actually build your very own website! Wohoo! Here’s the outline of what’s being discussed in the next videos.

  • Familiarize the Control Panel
  • Pointing the DNS to our Hosting
  • Yay! Domain and Hosting Ready!
  • What’s Happening Insider our Hosting Account?
  • The File Manager Overview

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That’s just it! you’ve passed through tricky part! You should already gained some good knowledge about how things work on the web right? If not, then you might have done some skip’n thing.

So this post ends here and get ready for the next one! In the next post, we’ll learn about WordPress. See you then!

If you enjoy this post, don’t forget to subscribe, comment and leave your feedback! Have a wonderful day!



Beware of FAKE Paypal Emails!

credits to the owner of this image

credit to the owner of this image

This morning, when I open up my email, I received this suspicous email subject. I know some of you received this type of emails everyday! So if you had been fallen to their bait, please make sure to changed your username and password ASAP!!!

I knew it before hand that it was not from paypal because paypal wouldn’t(or never) asked for identity re-confirmation! So I took snapshot of their email so you can get an overview how they write their emails and how  they could steal your identity and scam you!

FAKE Paypal Email

FAKE Paypal Email

Consider watching these videos I created to help you spot the SCAMMERS and avoid yourself of falling from it!

Oh! Scammers!

Watch this video on Youtube

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Spotting their TACTICS

Watch this video on Youtube

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Remember, scammers do their best to counterfeit big and trusted companies so they could get the TRUST of the people they wanted to scam! If you don’t educate yourself, then you’ll be deceived even on their simpliest tactics. So please let’s educate ourselves on these things and be not ignorant!

[quote style="1"]Note: The email came from an email address called “[email protected]” and would probably the author of this scam. But don’t judge just yet, because some owners of a website might not be unaware that their hosting accounts had been compromised, hacked and being used by these scam experts.[/quote]


So few things you should consider(ask yourself before taking action of what they asked in their emails):

  1. Was this email came from the REAL BIG Company(like Paypal)?
  2. Was the URL from the email you opened is really owned by that REAL Company?

Okay that’s it! Hope this post help you avoid these scammers out there! I hate them as much you do so let’s work together to cease or even just minimize their difussion(I’m I using the right term?)!

Please interact and put your comments below, share your experience and help others.


Learning WordPress

Dobedobe dap dap! Howdie!

Again, this is just an overview post of my Virtual Assistant Training all about WordPress. In my WordPress Virtual Assistant Training, we’ll be discussing a lot of things from basic to kind of complicated stuffs.

I’m also having the upcoming post maybe will be published by the following day or so(sorry for not being certain to this, I’m adjusting to my tight schedule!).  I entitle it as WordPress for Beginners – Without Spending a Dime! I created that post specifically for those people who aspires to learn more about WordPress Self Hosted blog using FREE resources(no need to pay anything!).

Well, still couple of things will be discussed on my upcoming wordpress training, so watch out for them as they’re coming up!

Thank you so much guys!


Video Marketing – I’m In!

Yoho! I’m into video marketing!

I’m pretty excited that I’ve decided to put myself into video! Yes! most of my blog posts now will have a video and that’s my new commitment to engage myself in more visibility and transparency!

So here’s my very first video uploaded on my youtube channel and posted on this blog.

Watch on this VIDEO on Youtube!

I know I’m not doing good enough in this video, I still have lot of things to learn on creating effective and engaging videos and even how should I talk in front of the camera.

To tell you frankly, it’s been couple of months that I did my practices, repeats and exercising my tongue for better pronunciation. I even do my exercises while in bathroom, on bed, on rooftop and anywhere that I can find a good place to do it.   I’ve created video tutorials for Virtual Assistant Training at 6 Figure Outsourcing Secrets and I think I’m doing much much better now!

You see, those little time of practices had helped me a lot. While I still continuing my learning, tests, trials and even attended online courses, I know I could improve more!

So watch out for my upcoming contents and videos.., you’ll surely love what I’m going to share. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel and on this blog to get updates on my contents.

How about you? Are you using video to promote your business and brand? Share your thoughts how videos had helped you in your business and personal goals. I would love to hear them..that would help me get more motivated to create more videos!